Valentine's Day: learn how to prepare a surprise for your loved one

Valentine's Day: learn how to prepare a surprise for your loved one

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Valentine's Day: learn how to prepare a surprise for your loved one

Saiba como preparar uma surpresa no dia dos namorados.

Celebrated on June 12, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love between couples. It's an opportunity to show all the affection you have for each other. And at a time when we are experiencing social distancing due to the pandemic, expressing love can make you feel closer to the one you love! And what truer promise is there than the union of two people? We at Boticário want your celebration to be incredible and that's why we've prepared this post so that you can have an unforgettable day. Check out our ideas for Valentine's Day surprises and gifts!

Make a special breakfast

How about starting the day with a delicious breakfast? If you live in the same house, you can prepare your loved one's favorite dishes and surprise them when they wake up with a beautifully laid table. Now, if you don't live in the same house, how about preparing and sending a breakfast basket? The tip here is that, in addition to the food, you can insert a gift to surprise them!

Prepare a beautiful card

One of the oldest ways of showing love is to send a Valentine's Day message through letters and cards. With the internet and the countless social networks available today, this act has been left behind. So how about bringing back this romantic gift of yesteryear and expressing your love with a beautiful card? You could, for example, write down the real promises you make to each other. The card can be attached to the Valentine's Day gift of your choice! It's sure to be a creative, different and unforgettable Valentine's surprise!

An evening cooking together

How about preparing a delicious Valentine's Day dinner? You can either order a special dish that you both love or get in the kitchen together! Choose a recipe, sort out the ingredients and enjoy every moment while you cook. Once dinner is ready, all you have to do is enjoy and celebrate! This is one of the gift options that boyfriends and girlfriends will love! Here's to love!

Use packaging to highlight your feelings

All of Boticário's Valentine's kits come with a beautiful box stylized by artist Felipe Guga. Each one has a personalization and a message of love that will make your gift even more enchanting! You're giving a gift and you're getting sighs! <3

Gift tips for Valentine's Day

Now that you know how to prepare a surprise, how about choosing the 2023 Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? We've put together some O Boticário kits for you to get to know and give as gifts on this very special date. There are women's and men's fragrances, make-up, creams, soaps and various items selected with care to surprise you!

For the date, all the Valentine's Day kits come with a beautiful box stylized by illustrator Felipe Guga, which will make your gift even more beautiful and creative! Your Valentine's Day in 2024 will be even more special! 

Text taken from the website: Boticario Brasil.

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