Como enlouquecer ele na cama?

How to drive him crazy in bed?


Have you ever heard of flavored gels and lubricants?

Increasingly a sensation in the erotic world, gels help - a lot - with lubrication.

They are jelly-like and scented with lubricating oil. Want to know more about them? As well as giving the room a scent, they provide a good taste during oral sex.

Learn how using flavored gels can help you feel more pleasure and drive him crazy.

How to use flavored gel

Often used in foreplay, gels basically have the function of lubricating a woman's vaginal canal. Although some women are wary of using it, it poses no apparent risk to a woman's health.

Apply the gel just before penetration or oral sex. Use your fingers to apply it, or if you prefer, ask your partner to apply it for you! Before penetration, the gel lubricates and prepares the area for contact with your partner's penis.

Types of lubricating gels

There are models with anesthetic properties and even vibrating sensations! Here are some of the types to help you decide when choosing the right one for you:


Some models, called kissable, are flavored and can be used in oral contact without risking your health.

Mint, strawberry, cotton candy and chocolate are some of the most popular flavors

Bet on kissable gels to bring more flavor to oral sex

With effects

Some types of erotic cosmetics have oil that heats up or cools down on contact with the skin or inside the genitals.

Other models have desensitizing properties, providing a different sensation for the moment of penetration

Some types also offer a sensation of vibration and pulsation by increasing blood circulation in the region.
Now that you know how to use flavored gels, you should know that they don't only need to be used during penetration! With their aromatic oils, they are perfect for that sensual massage full of aroma.
Also, using the gel exclusively for oral sex is a great idea! Choose the flavors your partner likes best and surprise them on a special night.

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