Zaad Deodorant Cologne 95ml

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Zaad Deodorant Cologne 95ml

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Zaad Eau de Parfum 95ml
Zaad Eau de Parfum brings together the best ingredients from the world of perfumery and has been developed for contemporary, sophisticated and selective men.

Inspired by the incessant quest to expand our lives through travel, we have combined Bergamot from Italy and Cedar from the United States to inspire the creation of this Fresh Woody fragrance that will always remind you that travel is necessary.

It's an invigorating masculine eau de parfum with green herbal nuances and citrus notes. As it develops, it becomes slightly spicy and sweet, finishing with woody base notes.

As it is aromatic on the skin, it can be used on a daily basis and in all seasons.

None of the Boticário Group's products are tested on animals.

Olfactory family: Fresh Woody