Progressive Brush 500g - Fashion Gold


Progressive Brush 500g - Fashion Gold

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Fashion Gold Hair Educator Mask - 500g

Hair Memorization

Hair with intense shine, naturalness, balance and no frizz are some of the many benefits of FASHION GOLD.

Unruly and unruly hair makes everyday life very difficult, making it hard to comb and control volume. Fashion Gold educates the hair, making your day-to-day life much simpler and uncomplicated.

Fashion Gold is suitable for all hair types. Its exclusive formula gives you the perfect result you've always dreamed of. It contains Inca oil and quinoa protein, rare active ingredients that restore hair health, moisturize and leave your hair with an impeccable shine.

Come and join the team of Fashion Gold lovers! And make sure it's ORIGINAL, don't accept imitations.

Indication: All hair types.