Hair Strengthening Tonic Óleo de Rícino - 100ml

Gota Dourada

Hair Strengthening Tonic Óleo de Rícino - 100ml

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Gota Dourada Oil Hair Strengthening Tonic Combo

Let us guess: your hair is weak and in need of a good strengthener for healthy, resistant growth! Then don't worry, Gota Dourada has the ideal solution for you!

Castor Oil Hair Strengthening Tonic is an exclusive solution with anti-fall action, specially developed to promote strength and stimulate accelerated hair growth, in a natural and non-aggressive way. Formulated with Castor Oil, the tonic becomes a powerful ally for strengthening the entire length of the hair, while combating hair loss, restoring the root structure and controlling excess oil, so that the hair can grow in a truly healthy way!

If you're one of those who dream of long, lively hair, try Gota Dourada Castor Tonic. Try it and see for yourself! We're sure you'll be surprised by the results.

Application tips
as described on the tube. Afterwards, massage gently, always using your fingertips so as not to damage your scalp. Leave the tonic on for 2 hours. After that, just wash your hair.

Aaah, it's also worth knowing that this product is a hair treatment, so remember to use it 3 times a week for 3 months, ok?

Benefits to love

- Strengthening tonic enriched with Castor Oil;

- Combats hair loss and controls excess oil;

- Restores the root;

- Promotes accelerated hair growth;

- Strengthens hair from root to tip;

- It is a hair treatment;

- Truly healthy strands;

- Can be used on all hair types;

- Delicious fragrance;

- Stronger, shinier hair;

- Cruelty free product.

Main Active Ingredients

With multiple functions, Castor Oil offers rich properties of fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamin E, which together contribute to hair restoration, strength and growth, while also moisturizing the hair, combating dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss.