Capicilin Antidandruff Hair Tonic 20ml


Capicilin Antidandruff Hair Tonic 20ml

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Capicilin Antidandruff Hair Tonic was specially developed to help fight dandruff, acting directly on the scalp, avoiding its reappearance, revitalizing the hair, preserving the beauty and health of the hair. The Capicilin Hair Tonic Anti-Dandruff provides strong and moisturized hair, with soft, silky and shiny texture.
The Capicilin Antidandruff Hair Tonic treats daily with effectiveness in eliminating and combating dandruff on hair. It has an exclusive formula, YOXIL B3, which contains Plant Extracts and Octopirox (Piroctone Olamine), the most effective active agent against the fungus that causes dandruff, the Pytirosporum ovale.

- Combats dandruff;
- Revitalizes hair strands;
- Silky and shiny hair.

About the brand: Capicilin arrived on the cosmetics market in 1950, with the launching of the first hair treatment tonic: Capicilin Y. Over time, the company has been accumulating knowledge obtained from studies and research in the area of hair technology, which allows it to always offer innovative products, high technology, quality and beauty results to its consumers. Located in the city of Vespasiano-MG, Capicilin has a modern factory with 6,000m², with a production capacity of 400 tons/month of products.