Natucor Powder Dye 4.0 - Medium Brown


Natucor Powder Dye 4.0 - Medium Brown

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Natucor is made for you who want to reveal yourself your way and not give up a healthy life, in tune with what is natural.


INDICATION For all hair types.
ACTION Dyes the hair with perfect coverage of white hair.
ASSETS With natural Hazelnut extract.
BENEFITS Perfect coverage of white hair.

Vegan formula.

No lead, no hydrogen peroxide, no ammonia.

Hazelnut is a fruit rich in mineral salts such as calcium and phosphorus, which nourish and restore the strength of the hair fiber.

Compatible with chemical products, including henna.

Ideal for fragile and sensitive hair.

Great for a bath of shine.
RESULT You are naturally delicate!
See enclosed Application Guide.