Thermo Tea Abdômen Slim - 120g
Thermo Tea Abdômen Slim - 120g

Abdômen Slim

Thermo Tea Abdômen Slim - 120g

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Abdomen Slim Thermo Tea 120g

The term Abdominal Slim Tea is a tea with an optimal combination of 17 medicinal herbs, with various benefits and properties that act together to optimize the body causing an acceleration in burning localized fat, eliminating fluids retained by the diuretic power of medicinal plants and giving a feeling of satiety.

Some of the benefits that this tea can bring to you:

- Assists in weight loss.
- Reduces fluid retention (swelling);
- Contributes to the treatment of cellulite;
- Improves the functions of the liver;
- Helps in the reduction of risks for diseases (such as cancer);
- It contributes to the prevention of ageing;
- Optimise the body by causing an acceleration in the burning of localised fat, eliminating retained liquids.

White tea, red tea, green tea, lemon balm, porangaba, sweet carqueja, sene, centella asiatica, soursop, fennel, stevia, chamomile, avocado, horsetail, Indian nuts, hibiscus.

How to prepare
Heat 1 l of water and turn off the heat as soon as it starts boiling. Add 2 teaspoons of the term tea, cover the container for 10 minutes. Strain and drink.

Drink only 1 litre per day.