Spray Capilar #todecacho Água de Coco Salon Line 300ml

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#todecacho Coco Hair Spray 300ml

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Total revitalization, intense nutrition and shine

What do you need to know?
The #todecacho Água de Coco Hair Spray features PROFIX technology which guarantees hydration, strength and health for curls and frizz, as well as instantly revitalizing the hair for prolonged definition.

For which hair types?
Wavy, curly, frizzy and very frizzy hair.

What is it recommended for?
Dry hair, frizzy hair and hair in transition.

How old can I use it?
From the age of 12.

What are the main active ingredients?
The #todecacho Coconut Water Hair Spray for wavy, curly and frizzy hair has coconut oil and coconut milk in its formula which guarantee extreme nutrition, combat frizz and provide radiant shine.

What is the best way to use it?
Shake the product well before use. With clean hair, spray #todecacho Coconut Water Hair Spray strand by strand, spreading it out with your hands or a comb. Do not rinse.

Is it vegan?
The #todecacho Agua de Coco Hair Spray is vegan.

Is it free?
The product is free from: sulphate, petrolatum, silicone, mineral oil, paraffin and parabens.