SOS Nail Kit with 4 Bases

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SOS Nail Kit with 4 Bases

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The kit that we so much wanted arrived at Mais Vaidosa!
Now your nails will have all the necessary treatment to grow strong and resistant.

The kit has 4 Treatment Bases

- Base Xi Lascou Força Tensora Top Beauty Sos Nails 7ml

It is a vitamin complex excellent for brittle nails, because it contains collagen and keratin in its formula, promoting the replacement of proteins in your nails, making them flexible and resistant.

- Top Beauty Sos Growth Activating Ferment Strengthener 7ml

Top Beauty SOS Nails Growth Activating Base contains keratin and calcium d-pantothenate in its formula, thus promoting protein regeneration, cell regeneration, and cell proliferation.

- Top Beauty SOS Nails Super D-Tone Base 7ml

Contains pro vitamin B5 and keratin in its formula, promoting cell regeneration, tensor strength and reinforcement of the nail fibers.

- Top Beauty SOS Nails 7ml Formaldehyde Hardener Concrete Base

Increases the binding of proteins and hardens nails. Contains formaldehyde. It is a nail polish to care for the health of your nails. Use it as a base coat or simply use it as a colorless base coat before enameling.

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