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Mel Cachos Intensos Shampoo 300ml

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Mel Cachos Intensos S.O.S Curls Shampoo has a formula for moisturizing and nourishing cleansing. At the same time as repairing the hair, it creates a protective barrier against external damage caused by everyday life.

For which hair types?
Curly hair and frizzy hair.

What is it recommended for?
Naturally dry hair and malnourished hair.

How old can I use it?
From the age of 12.

What are the main active ingredients?
Honey: rich in hair vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, honey ensures strength, hydration and nutrition. It has an antioxidant action and protects the hair. It also supports a healthy scalp.
Coconut oil: contains vitamins for the hair and fatty acids, moisturizes and nourishes, strengthens the strands and provides shiny hair and extreme softness.

What is the best way to use it?
Apply Salon Line S.O.S Honey Curls Intense Curls Shampoo evenly to wet hair. Massage gently until lather forms. Rinse.

Tips for use
For best results, use the conditioner, moisturizing mask, styling cream and Honey Curls Intense Curls Activator S.O.S Salon Line Curls.

Is it vegan?
S.O.S Honey Intense Curls Shampoo is not vegan.

Is it free?
S.O.S Honey Intense Curls Shampoo is not released.