Bruna Tavares BT Velvet Liquid Eyeshadow and Primer 2x1 - Brown

Bruna Tavares

Bruna Tavares BT Velvet Liquid Eyeshadow and Primer 2x1 - Brown

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On the face, eye and mouth. This is the versatility of BT Velvet by Bruna Tavares, a product that is primer and liquid eyeshadow, but is also perfect as lipstick, contour, eyeliner and even as blush!

Super pigmented, this is that little product that is a wildcard when it comes to doing a good make-up, without spending all your effort with millions of products. With its creamy texture and velvety matte finish, BT Velvet makes make-up easy and with the power you need: apply less product and blend well to get smoothness; apply more product and get excellent coverage, with an incredible tone.

Its texture allows you to blend the product without leaving streaks, cracks or holes. For a power pigmentation, build up layers and gradually add more product.

If you're wary of multi-purpose make-up products, rest assured: paraben-free, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested, BT Velvet will not harm the most sensitive areas of your eyes or face.

How to use BT Velvet?
There are so many ways of using it that it's almost possible to do the whole make-up with the same product. The important thing is to apply it little by little and, if necessary, reapply it to give the desired effect.

As a primer: an excellent option for use as an eyeshadow primer, BT Velvet enhances the effect and tone of the eyeshadow you choose to apply, as well as providing greater durability for the pigment in the eye.
As an eyeshadow: even though it's liquid, BT Velvet is much easier to blend than eyeshadow powders. Apply on the concave to build a smoother first coat. Apply to the eyelid and blend until the colour is just right. Also, with a small brush, apply to the under-eye area, close to the lashes.
As an eyeliner: apply a little bit of the product on the back of your hand and, with the help of a fine brush, draw the eyeliner in the way you like the most.
As a contour: to give that thinner face or nose effect, choose the shade of brown that best suits your skin and make small dots in the area you want to refine. Blend well with a larger brush for the areas on the side of the cheek, at the root of the hair and on the jaw. Choose a thinner brush, apply to the nose and blend well.
As blush: apply a little bit with a soft blush brush or, if you prefer, apply with your fingertips and lightly pat the apple of your face
As a lipstick: the applicator makes it easier to apply on the lips. Outline your mouth and fill in the rest.
#TipBox - apply a lip moisturiser before using BT Velvet to prevent your lipstick from coming off in the middle of your lips.