SOS Bomba Shampoo 300ml

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SOS Bomba Shampoo 300ml

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Product Description :
Are you looking for a product to help your hair grow? At Salon Line you'll find a complete line of shampoo bombs for all hair types!

S.O.S Bomba Original Shampoo is the favorite of women who love big hair. Our shampoo is the first with proven hair growth that delivers results in 15 days, believe me: it was thoroughly tested before it hit the shelves and 95% of volunteers guaranteed that the length of their hair increased during this period!

Salon Line's bomb shampoo moisturizes and restores while contributing to healthy hair growth. Best of all, this line is compatible with all hair types, meaning that it's suitable for straight, wavy, curly, frizzy and even those who are going through a hair transition and can't wait for their hair to grow naturally.

Our formula contains Whey Protein, Vitamin A, castor oil, D-Panthenol and Biotin. Want to know how each active ingredient in the formula acts on the hair? We'll explain.

Whey Protein is rich in amino acids that help restore hair fibers damaged by external aggressions.

Vitamin A is responsible for strengthening the hair, as well as aiding healthy growth.

D-Panthenol is a powerful moisturizer that improves the texture of the hair fibre, putting an end to split ends.

Biotin helps prevent hair loss and castor oil moisturizes, fights hair loss due to breakage, strengthens the hair and helps restore the hair fibre.

A real vitamin bomb for the hair.

Weak, brittle and dry hair has a solution with Salon Line Original S.O.S Bomba Shampoo, you can trust it!

To achieve your long-awaited great hair, add the bomb shampoo to your hair cleansing routine.
Salon Line Original S.O.S Bomba Shampoo Results
Proven growth in 15 days, stronger hair, less hair loss and daily breakage, no more split ends and hydration.

We also recommend using the complete S.O.S Bomba Original Salon Line line, made up of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing mask and combing cream for more effective results.

For a more complete treatment, you can also use the tonics from the S.O.S Bomba line, available in two versions. The strengthening-growth tonic prevents hair loss and strengthens the roots.