DaBelle Hair Shampoo Wave Curls - 250ml
DaBelle Hair Shampoo Wave Curls - 250ml

DaBelle Hair

DaBelle Hair Shampoo Wave Curls - 250ml

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Shampoo for curly and frizzy hair with aloe and olive.

DaBelle Hair Wave Curls Shampoo removes impurities and product residue while preparing the hair for the next treatment steps. It is the first step to display defined curls and frizz and full of wave.

With assets ideal for this type of hair that ensure a balanced cleansing and creates a memory for the threads. The Gel Babosa is responsible for bringing a dose of hydration and olive oil ensures nutrition and help in defining the wires.

Best shampoo for curly and fine hair: helps in the care of curly hair thinner, as it ensures an extra load of nutrient replacement, leaving the wires clean, shiny and with definition.

Best shampoo for curly and dry hair: the Shampoo Cachos da Onda cleans without drying the hair and still guarantees a dose of nutrition and hydration that dry hair needs.

Apply the shampoo in the hair the right amount for you, massage until you make a creamy foam and rinse well. You can repeat the application if you need to. Using the DaBelle Hair Curls Conditioner also gives you even better moisturizing and shiny results!