Powerful Serum - 120ml


Powerful Serum - 120ml

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Powerful Serum

After the success of the Powerful Tonic and the Powerful Shampoo and Conditioner, we decided to create a solution for those who have very brittle hair ends. We also thought of the thousands of requests for a product to apply on the eyebrow that does not drip when applied and has a long-lasting action.

We created a Powerful serum, like a little gel to rebuild, firm and fix the strands; that's right, if you needed a little help with this, the ideal product has arrived! Our Powerful Serum is composed of essential vitamins that contribute to the strong and healthy growth of your hair! The Powerful Serum has the power of carrot extract combined with the powerful bioex and potentiated with biotin! We have taken the successful formula of the Powerful Tonic and created a solution for eyebrows and hair ends.
The Powerful Serum works on the basis of 3 active ingredients

Carrot is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which means that it helps replenish lost water, adds shine to the strands, gently cleanses the scalp, removes impurities and stimulates healthy growth.

Among the highlights of the benefits for the strands are the stimulation of growth, prevention of the appearance of white hair, thickness recomposition, strengthening and rejuvenation.

BIOEX CAPILAR is a complex that brings together the active principles of the following extracts: QUINA, CAPSICUM, PÓLEN, ARNICA, URTIGA, PFAFFIA, EGG, WHEATGERM, ACETYL METHIONINE.