Detox Facial Serum (dropper) 30ml

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Detox Facial Serum (dropper) 30ml

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What it is

The ultra-concentrated formula of Detox Serum is ideal for promoting a renewal on the skin barrier, removing toxins and ensuring the protection of the skin barrier, promoting an increase in cell renewal. Rich in ginger extract, seaweed and cucumber bioactives, it promotes intensive hydration and anti-inflammatory effect, ensuring healing effect and keeping skin illuminated and radiant.

Why is it perfect?

- Formula with natural extracts such as ginger, seaweed and cucumber bioactives, which ensure removal of toxins and healing action.

- Brightens the skin by promoting intensive hydration.

- Reduces redness, acne, allergies and has anti-fungal action.

- Anti-inflammatory action.

- Dermatologically tested and free of animal testing.

Directions for use:

Apply a few drops of the serum on clean, dry skin in circular movements until completely absorbed. Use daily to obtain the expected results.