Brazilian Capicilin 1 Gradual Sealing


Brazilian Capicilin 1 Gradual Sealing

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Capicilin Gradative Defrizz with Ojon Oil and Monoi Oil was created to reduce volume and soften waves and frizz through its formula with amino acids and keratin. The Ojon Oil is a Caribbean origin oil that promotes antioxidant action. Monoi Oil, original from Tahiti, has properties that allow the sealing of the cuticles (outermost part of the hair), giving back the natural flexibility. Keratin and amino acids provide strength and resistance to the hair, protecting and treating the internal part of the hair fiber. It also contains wheat protein and silicone, which provide long-lasting straightness and mirror shine for up to 60 days.

Dermatologically tested. Compatible with all chemicals.

Ojon Oil, Monoi Oil, Amino Acids and Keratin. Contains:

1. Anti-residue Shampoo 55ml
1. Volume Reducing Fluid 80ml
1. Nourishing Defrizzer 55ml

Directions for use:
1 - Apply the Anti Residue Shampoo to wet hair, massage gently until foam is produced and rinse. Repeat if necessary;
2 - Dry hair completely using a hair dryer;
3 - Put on disposable gloves to start the process;
4 - Start spraying the Volume Reduction Fluid from the back of the head, starting from the nape of the neck, separating fine strands and combing them straight from root to tip;
5 - Let the product act for 15 minutes;
6 - Begin the brushing process with a hair drier starting from the nape of the neck until the hair is completely brushed;
7 - Divide all the hair into very thin locks and straighten each lock 10 times. After finishing the ironing process, wait for the hair temperature to normalize;
8 - Rinse the hair and remove the excess water with a towel;
9 - Apply a small amount of the Nourishing Defrizzer from lengths to ends. Comb and dry hair the way you wish.

Tip: To make your brush last longer, avoid exposure to sea air and pool chlorine. Do the maintenance using the Capicilin Post-Progressive line.