Salon Line Ativador De Cachos Sos Mix Óleos Nutritivos  300ml

Salon Line

Mix de Óleos Nutritivos Curl Activator 300ml

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Salon Line Curl Activator Sos Mix Nourishing Oils
Salon Line is a 100% Brazilian brand that has been present in the beauty and hair cosmetics market since 1995, with a focus on recovering, transforming and moisturizing wavy, curly and frizzy hair, whether natural or chemically treated. Anyone with wavy, curly or frizzy hair knows the need to use styling cream: with powerful active ingredients, it moisturizes, memorizes, defines, gives shine, repairs, eliminates frizz and helps detangle. The best thing is that this product doesn't weigh your hair down. After all, who doesn't like movement and lightness?

Salon Line Curl Activator Sos Mix Nutritive Oils is everything that transitioning, undefined and parched hair needs. Suitable for 3ABC and 4ABC curls (see below), this product is an intensive care product that leaves hair with defined and shaped curls, as well as providing intense shine and having UV filters. This result is only possible thanks to the super-concentrated formula which essentially contains 12 oils, including coconut, argan, shea, macadamia, olive and other seeds and herbs.

Salon Line has a complete range of products with different functions, so you can have everything your hair needs at your fingertips.

Active ingredients:

Super Oils - 12 oils, including coconut, argan, shea, macadamia and olive, as well as other seeds, herbs and powerful products. With an ultra-nourishing action, it acts in the deepest layers of the hair fiber, replenishing essential nutrients, ensuring shine and vitality.
How to use: With clean, damp hair, apply the cream strand by strand and evenly from length to ends. If you want more volume control, also apply near the roots. Detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb and then scrunch it, starting from the ends to the roots. Repeat the movement as many times as necessary, it will help to form curls. The ideal amount to apply will depend on the amount of hair and the length of the strands.

Also use...

For best results, you should opt for the full Salon Line S.O.S. line, using the shampoo that best suits your hair type;
After shampooing, apply your favorite Salon Line conditioner. You should, however, apply the mask 1 to 2 times a week, as an intermediate step between the shampoo and the conditioner, thus guaranteeing extra care for your hair, correctly replenishing nutrients;
If you want longer-lasting definition on the Day After, mix water and Salon Line Combing Cream in your spray bottle. Apply to the hair, from length to ends. If you want to control volume, also apply near the roots;
To achieve definition and volume, use a fork comb. To do this, take the comb to the root of the hair and make movements to lift it, but without breaking up the curls. Do this all over your hair;
To enhance the action of the styling cream and to moisturize and define your hair even more, apply your favourite Salon Line Curl Activator (in a small mixture with it or afterwards);
Last but not least, pamper your hair with an oil-based leave-in conditioner that will give your hair a touch of shine and softness.