Bar Soap Alecrim e Sálvia 5 x 90g Tododia - Natura


Tododia Alecrim e Sálvia Pure Vegetable Bar Soap - 5 un. de 90 g

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Invigorating cleansing that doesn't dry out the skin

Tododia Rosemary and Sage Bar Soap promotes
a pleasant sensation while cleansing and leaving skin soft and silky.
and silky. Its gentle formula with natural ingredients prevents
dryness and prepares the skin to receive the nourishing and intelligent combination of
combination of Natura Tododia moisturizers.


- Gentle cleansing;
- Maintains the skin's natural moisture;
- 97% natural ingredients:
greater affinity with your skin;
- Creamy, enveloping foam;
- Refreshing and invigorating fragrance with a hint of citrus;
- Vegan formula: free from animal fat.