Granado Baby Fennel Glycerine Soap - 90g Erva Doce


Granado Baby Fennel Glycerine Soap - 90g Erva Doce

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Formulated with vegetable glycerin, the soap gently cleanses baby's skin, leaving it soft and fragrant. Specially developed for baby's delicate skin. Dermatologically tested. Free from preservatives and animal ingredients.

Granado Body and Bath
Products that regenerate, moisturize and protect the skin. Formulated with a vegetable base and enriched with plant and herb extracts.

How to use:
Apply to baby's damp skin, producing foam and then rinsing.

The Brand:
A pioneer in the manufacture of vegetable soaps, Granado is responsible for the largest production in Brazil, and has gone through its more than 100 years of existence with a definite position in relation to preserving the environment: developing cosmetics formulated with natural extracts, free of colorants and artificial fragrances. No Granado product is tested on animals.

As for the packaging of Granado products, the boxes of bar soaps bear the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal. Recognized worldwide, the seal certifies that the wood used to produce the paper "comes from a production process that is managed in an ecologically appropriate, socially just and economically viable way, and in compliance with all current laws for reforested trees.

Part of the soaps that don't have a cartridge are packaged in recycled paper - the production of recycled paper consumes less electricity, eliminates chemical processes and avoids environmental pollution. In 2007, the non-biodegradable plastic bags in the stores were replaced by paper ones.

The search for increasingly natural products is one of the company's challenges. This is why Granado intends to continue to grow in partnership with nature and, above all, to offer quality products with proven efficacy, in order to promote well-being and balance between body and mind.