Rose Hip Facial Serum (dropper) 30ml Youth Bloom

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Rose Hip Facial Serum (dropper) 30ml Youth Bloom

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Benefits for skin:
▫️ Promotes healing, with desensitising action

▫️ Lightens old and resistant dark spots

▫️ Uniforms skin tone, ensuring a luminous effect

▫️ Rich in Rosa Mosqueta extract

▫️ Light and oil-free hydration

▫️ Ideal for all skin types

▫️ Potentiating night treatment

▫️ Dermal biocompatible

▫️ Rose Hip Extract

▫️ Collagen

Directions for use:
▫️Lave the face with Barbour's Beauty Whitening Soap and rinse

▫️ Apply the Peach Exfoliating Gel, exfoliate in circular movements until the nanoparticles disappear and rinse

▫️ Apply the Whitening Gel in circular movements until completely absorbed by the skin

▫️ Apply the Anti-Aging Gel in upward movements, massaging your face gently until completely absorbed

▫️Massageie gently dab a few drops of the Serum on the clean skin surface of the face and neck until completely absorbed (NIGHT USE)