Rená Henê Preto Café - 180g


Rená Henê Preto Café - 180g

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An attitude that comes from the way of being. It comes from the will to stand out and to charm. An exuberant brunette full of beauty, strength and passion. Naturally Surprising. As well as this Henê Rená Preto Caféque is now your most faithful companion, the one that will bring you the power of the smooth, the personality of the colour and the fascination of the shine.

How to use:

Apply Henê Rená, strand by strand pull with fine comb, from root to ends, stretching the strands well. Cover with a plastic cap for 60 minutes (the effect will be the same if the time is longer), rinse the hair well and wash it with shampoo and condition. If you want a very straight effect, you can brush it. And if you want a wavy hairstyle, just let your hair dry in bobs. We recommend 2 applications per week until you achieve the desired result.