Alecrim e Sálvia Liquid Gel Soap Refill 300ml


Alecrim e Sálvia Liquid Gel Soap Refill 300ml

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The refill version of Rosemary and Sage Soap is economical and sustainable. It's good for you and the planet.

The refill version of your favorite product contains less plastic than the regular packaging. Economical and sustainable, just replace the refill in the regular package. In addition to maintaining the skin's natural moisture, Tododia Rosemary and Sage Liquid Gel Soap gently cleanses with abundant foam. It is the ideal product for a revitalizing, refreshing and energizing bath.


- Sustainable version for the planet and more economical for your pocket;

- Fragrance with aromatic notes of sage;

- Ideal for a refreshing bath.

Contents: 290g/300ml.