Suave Mamãe e Bebê Conditioner Refill 200ml


Suave Mamãe e Bebê Conditioner Refill 200ml

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Care and affection from the first day of life, in economical packaging.

Bathing, that great little daily moment of caring for baby, helps to strengthen love even more. The conditioner's vegan formula contains only the essentials to gently and delicately clean baby's hair, so it can be used from the very first bath. It leaves the hair soft, fragrant, easier to comb and doesn't irritate the eyes or scalp.


- 100% safe formula, to be used from the first day of life;

- Tested and approved by pediatricians;

- Soft, fragrant hair;

- Easy to rinse;

- Vegan product;

- Only essentials for baby's sensitive skin;

- 98% natural and biodegradable ingredients;

- Gentle and safe fragrance;

- Does not sting the eyes;

- Economical packaging that is good for the environment;

- Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested;

- No controversial ingredients.