Celebre Sua Força Men's Body Spray Refill 100ml

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Celebre Sua Força Men's Body Spray Refill 100ml

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Celebre Sua Força Men's Body Spray Refill 100ml
The Celebrate Your Strength Men's Deodorant Body Spray Refill is the ideal item for those who want to replace their favorite body spray!

With the same Aromatic Fougére fragrance as Celebre Sua Força Men's Deodorant Cologne, check out what the body spray's double active deodorant formula does:

- Special fragrance for perfuming the body;

- Protects against perspiration odors.

Boticário's body spray is perfect to take with you in your bag and moisturize your skin whenever you feel the need!

To use the body spray refill is super easy, check out the application advice and enjoy!


It's been a demanding journey, so remember to celebrate yourself. Celebrate softly, deep down. Closing your eyes, feeling the breeze, giving thanks.

Because there's a sky out there, there's a better future to build, there's you who've come this far and there's a lot ahead of you.

To honor this feeling, CELEBRE was born. A line of fresh and powerful fragrances to celebrate you every day.