# Miracle Reconstructor Spray Gold Spell - 250ml


# Miracle Reconstructor Spray Gold Spell - 250ml

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Powerful rebuilder that restores damaged, devitalized, brittle hair and protects chemically treated strands.

Ideal for use after shampooing and before conditioner!

We created the #receitinha Milagrosa to be a powerful treatment of immediate reconstruction that recovers , untangles and rescues the brightness of the wires on the spot!

Our #Miracle Recipe is a high-impact treatment capable of recovering damaged hair in just a few minutes!

In addition to recovering damaged and fragile hair, the #receitinha Milagrosa also protects the hair from damage caused by chemicals and heat sources.

Many benefits in just one #recipe!

Using the #Miracle Recipe your hair will gain

  • Reconstruction of the strands.
  • Hydration.
  • Softness.
  • Intense brightness.
  • The hair becomes fuller.
  • The hair becomes more manageable.
  • Hair gets that natural bounce.
  • The product for you to use in several ways!

The #receitinha Milagrosa is a powerful treatment for restoration, hydration, repair and protection of hair! Here are some ways to use the # Miracle Recipe:

Mode of Use:

Sprinkle the #MiraculousRecipe on the length of the hair and on the tips, after the shampoo of your preference and before the conditioner or mask, massage and rinse.

Directions for extremely damaged hair:

Spray the # Miracle Recipe on clean hair and let the product act until the next wash. Do not rinse.

How to use for thermal protection:

Sprinkle the #MiraculousRecipe on the strands before using heat sources (flat iron, hair dryer, babyliss) on the hair.