Quasar Desodorante Colônia 100ml

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Quasar Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Quasar Deodorant Cologne is a masculine fragrance perfect for men who like to be at ease with life and feel a sense of energy and vitality.

From the Fougère Fresca family, its top notes give a feeling of wet grass which contrasts with the refreshing combination that comes from a Citrus Blend of Cardamom, Neroli, Mandarin, Lemon and Bergamot. The notes of Cardamom and Neroli give a certain spiciness and a fresh air to the fragrance, and the Alaskan Cedar present in its base gives that subtle woody touch that many people like.

The vibrancy of the man who lives in a pulsating rhythm is stimulated by the woody notes of Alaskan Cedar and Sandalwood. Quasar Deodorant Cologne can be used for sports, work and is especially suitable for hot days.

The modern packaging in men's perfumery has a new format that makes it easier to apply.

Quasar is a fresh masculine fragrance, full of energy, for men who want to face their fears and always surpass themselves.

None of the Boticário Group's products are tested on animals.

Olfactory family: Fresh Fougère