QDB Rose Light Eyeshadow Palette 7,2g

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QDB Rose Light Eyeshadow Palette 7,2g

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The Rosé line brings beauty that illuminates and treats at the same time and the Rosé Light and Rosé Gold Eyeshadow Palettes are specially made for those who love a luminous make-up without sacrificing care.

Each Eyeshadow Palette has 6 special colors, ranging from opaque to satin shimmer shades, which allow for various compositions, such as a smoky finish to give depth or a single color to give a sophisticated look.
It's a wildcard make-up palette that looks incredible on different skin tones. What's more, the palette is the perfect size to throw in your bag and take with you wherever you go.

Among the benefits of the Eyeshadow Palette are:
High pigmentation; Facilitates blending; Velvety texture; Does not smudge during the day and is a Vegan Product.
Limited edition (entire range)