QDB Amorali Matte Liquid Volumon Lipstick, 5.5ml

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QDB Amorali Matte Liquid Volumon Lipstick, 5.5ml

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 Liquid Volumizing Lipstick by Quem me Disse, Berenice? fills, moisturizes and leaves your mouth with incredible volume! In addition to a formula developed with super special ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Bioretinol Complex, this liquid lipstick also has:

- SPF20;

- Voluminous lip effect;

- Comfortable matte finish;

- Smooth texture that glides on easily.

Used continuously, this brown lipstick not only promotes lip augmentation and fills in creases and wrinkles, but also stimulates collagen production, leaving lips firmer. Its color is capable of elegantly transforming even the simplest look.

No product from Boticário or Quem Disse, Berenice? is tested on animals, meaning that this item is Cruelty Free.