Protetor Solar Stick Tonalizante FPS 55
Protetor Solar Stick Tonalizante FPS 55
Protetor Solar Stick Tonalizante FPS 55


Protetor Solar Stick Tonalizante FPS 55

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Developed with photostable sunscreens, Toning Sunscreen SPF 55 Base Stick is indicated for photoprotection of the face, guaranteeing extremely high protection against the immediate and cumulative effects caused by exposure to the sun.

In addition to UVB (SPF 55) and UVA (PPD 19) protection, this tinted sunscreen protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals, reducing the effects of skin ageing and protecting DNA. The Adcos Stick Base also preserves the skin against the effects of visible light and prevents the appearance of spots, such as melasma, and helps with infrared damage.

Ideal for everyday use, Tinted Sunscreen SPF 55 Base Stick leaves skin looking natural and moisturised. This tinted sunscreen has high make-up coverage in five different shades that adapt to the different tones of Brazilian skin, disguising imperfections, blemishes, dark circles and providing a matte effect (without shine) and a dry touch.

On top of all this, this sunscreen for the face also has antioxidant action, repairing the skin from the aggressions it suffers on a daily basis and combating photo-ageing. It is highly resistant to water and is therefore an ideal tinted sunscreen for those who practice outdoor activities and sports, as it doesn't run into the eyes and isn't greasy.


- It's the ideal face sunscreen to carry in your handbag, as it's portable, practical and easy to apply;
- It has 5 shades that adapt well to Brazilian skin;
- Paraben-free;
- Contains Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin, fights free radicals and premature ageing;
- It has antioxidant, moisturising and cellular DNA protection properties;
- Suitable for post-procedures such as lasers and peels, as it soothes, reduces stinging and disguises skin redness;
- Very water-resistant and non-comedogenic. Does not run into the eyes;
- Protects the skin from the immediate and cumulative effects of sun exposure, preventing photo-ageing;
- Dry, non-greasy feel (oil-free) and matt effect;
- Suitable for all skin types;
- Dermatologically tested;
- Contains fragrance.


Choose the best shade for your sunscreen, following the instructions according to your skin tone:

- IVORY: very light beige shade, vanilla cream.
- PEACH: light beige, peach colour.
- NUDE: medium beige, almond colour.
- BEIGE: dark beige, caramel colour.
- BRONZE: brown, cinnamon shade.

*Shades with new packaging: Ivory, Peach, Nude and Beige.