Lowell Royal Bee Smoothing Protein - 1000ml


Lowell Royal Bee Smoothing Protein - 1000ml

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Pioneers in the use of bee venom for hair treatment, Lowell Royal Bee has the power to straighten strands effectively and lastingly, and through the powerful action of Melitin, it generates hydration and restoration of the fiber, providing aligned and much more
more vitalized.

Product details
Royal Bee guarantees immediate straightening thanks to the presence of Melitin, a natural protein that not only straightens the hair, but also deeply moisturizes it. Average treatment duration: 3 months.

Benefits: -Restores the hair's natural balance and reduces frizz. -Guarantees regeneration of the hair fiber and general strengthening of the hair. -Deeply moisturizes and provides luminosity.

How to use: Divide the hair into sections and straighten 10-15 times. The finer the sections, the better the final result. The flat iron should be applied more to the roots and less to the ends. For dyed, bleached and chemically treated hair, leave the product on for at least 40 minutes. The iron should be at 180°C. On natural hair, leave it on for at least 60 minutes. The iron can be up to 190C° - 200C°.