Foot Cream - 100ml

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Foot Cream - 100ml

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The Pezinho Cream has dry touch and was developed to deeply moisturize and repair the skin, besides having deodorant action.

It contains urea, grape seed oil, shea butter, panthenol and hebeatol, these active ingredients work together to restore the barrier function and restore the hydric balance.

Free of parabens, petrolatum, dyes and ingredients of animal origin.

technical specifications

1 - Can be used from what age?

We recommend it from 12 years old because it contains actives such as urea that are not recommended for children under this age. Besides, children usually have naturally smooth palms and no signs of extreme dryness, such as cracking or peeling. Therefore, such a powerful hydration is not necessary before that.

2 - What is the footpad made of?

Some ingredients of the footpad have the function of generating the base structure of this cream while others make this product so unique. We call these "special" ingredients that differentiate the footpad from other creams for feet of assets, in detail they are:

GRAPE SEED OIL: It has moisturizing, regenerating and skin maintenance properties. It is responsible for regeneration and maintenance of skin tissue, revitalizing it. It is also rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, which gives it great antioxidant power.
KARITÉ BUTTERLIGHT: It has moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing action.
MENTOL: Due to its cryogenic effect, it increases local blood circulation, providing an analgesic effect and feeling of freshness.
HEBEATOL: active with antimicrobial properties, it helps to control unpleasant odours. In addition, it contributes to maintain skin hydration and protects its barrier.
UREA: It has great capacity for water retention providing intense hydration (studies show that the use of urea 10% promotes prolonged hydration, up to 6 hours).

3 - What is the correct amount to apply?

There is no correct or wrong quantity. But the best way to enjoy all the benefits of the product without waste is to apply a small amount on the hands, spread it over the feet, massaging them until the cream is completely absorbed. If you still feel that you haven't moisturized enough, repeat this process as many times as necessary, until you reach the hydration you want.

4 - What is the best time to use it?

Usually foot creams are used before bedtime to avoid that they are transferred to shoes or cause that unpleasant sensation of feet slipping inside the shoe or in the slipper, because these creams moisten the foot and have a slow absorption. Thinking about it, the pezinho was developed to have a quick absorption, so you can use it at any time.


5 - In how long is it possible to see results?

From the first application you will already notice a significant change in the hydration of the foot, improving even slight flaking and the appearance of cracks. But for more complicated cases, after a few days of continuous use the results are already visible.

6 - For how long should it be used?

Although the results are seen quickly, we recommend continuous use to keep feet hydrated and free of unpleasant odours.

7 - How long does the results last?

The skin hydration is lost over time due to small daily micro aggressions then, even with the super hydration that the foot provides if you spend days without using it will feel the signs of recedsedsecamento reappearing. That's why we recommend using the pezinho cream daily, at least once.

8 - Who can use it?

With the exception of children under 13 years and pregnant or lactating women, everyone can use the pezinho cream.

9 - Is it allowed to be used by pregnant women?

No, due to the concentration of urea Anvisa contraindicates this type of moisturizer for pregnant and lactating.

10 - Is it allowed to be used on people with dermatological problems, such as dermatitis?

In these cases the best option is to consult a dermatologist before starting the use of any product, including the pezinho cream.

11 - Can it be used in other parts of the body?

The pezinho cream was specially developed thinking about the needs presented in feet care, such as unpleasant odors and excessive dryness. But if you want to use in other areas (since they are not intimate areas or near the eyes) there is no problem.

12 - Does it cause allergies?

Hypersensitivity is an individual process, which is why many people develop an allergic picture when they come into contact with something and others do not, for example animal hair or certain foods. Having said this, we cannot say that some product will not cause allergies in someone, even if this is the unexpected and probably if it occurs it will be a rare case. But if you have shown any sign of hypersensitivity to the product you should discontinue use and seek medical advice.

13 - After removing the footpad, is it allowed to wear closed shoes or socks?

Yes, the footpad is a cream of super fast absorption so after a few seconds or minutes, when you realize that the product was completely absorbed you can already put on your shoes or socks.

14 - In contact with sweat, does it get a greasy or "melechy" aspect?

No, because it penetrates deeply in the dermis instead of being impregnated only on the surface. This way, even sweating your feet will remain hydrated without being "greasy" and the best: free of unpleasant odors due to the deodorant action that the Hebeatol, present on the pezinho cream, possesses.


15 - Can it be used together with other creams?

It is not recommended because one product can hinder the performance of the other.

16 - Does the cream lose its effectiveness when in contact with water?

No, because the product is absorbed by the skin, especially if the use is constant, as your skin regenerates, regaining elasticity and the ability to retain water.

17 - After suspending the use, how does the foot look like?

After a few days you will still notice your feet hydrated, but over the days, due to daily aggressions that the feet suffer, the foot ends up losing hydration.

18 - Is it allowed to get sun after using the product?

Yes, there is no active that has contraindication during sun exposure. However, it does not have in the composition factors that protect from the sun.