Sunless Urucum Tanning Oil SPF 6 120ml


Sunless Urucum Tanning Oil SPF 6 120ml

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Sunless Urucum Tanning Oil provides a long-lasting and uniform tan with protection against the sun's rays.


Developed with agents allied in combating the formation of free radicals, it combats premature aging of the skin. It also helps prevent sunburn and skin dryness.

The Urucum Sunless Tanning Oil is recommended for a natural tan for much longer.

How to use: Apply abundantly 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure and whenever necessary. For best results, reapply every 3 hours or after heavy sweating, swimming or bathing, towel-drying and during sun exposure to ensure product's effectiveness. If the quantity applied is not adequate, the level of protection will be significantly reduced. External use.

About the brand: About the brand: Farmax is a company from Minas Gerais, with headquarters in Divinópolis, and has been in the market since 1980. There are 34 years of success, conquered in the national market expansion by the diversification of brands and products. Farmax has Quality Control Laboratory, Quality Assurance, Research and Development Laboratory. Today Farmax has 8 brands and more than 170 products and also produces its own brand for groups of distributors and wholesalers across the country, with the same quality of its products. Besides the cosmetic and pharmaceutical plants, the group also counts with a packaging plant, Icot, which produces around 90% of its packaging.