NSPA Ginseng & Caffeine Anti-Cellulite Body Gel 200g

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NSPA Ginseng & Caffeine Anti-Cellulite Body Gel 200g

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NSPA Ginseng & Caffeine Anti-Cellulite Body Gel 200g

"Sustainability Seals: Cruelty free, vegan, with vegetable plastic

With Nativa Spa Ginseng and Caffeine, it relieves the discomfort caused by swelling for firm, toned skin!

The anti-cellulite toning gel tones the skin and visibly improves the appearance of orange peel in 28 days with the help of massage.

Self-massage with the Ginseng & Caffeine gel:

Step 1: Movements around the navel
Step 2: Tweezer-like movements
Step 3: Movements around the waist

With Quinoa Oil and Ginseng & Caffeine extract, this line is ideal for those who are bothered by the discomfort caused by swelling. There's nothing better than taking some time out to look after yourself, so take advantage of this moment of self-care for a massage with the Nativa SPA Ginseng & Caffeine toning gel.

The anti-cellulite gel has many benefits for your self-care routine:

Provides a feeling of relief from the discomfort caused by swelling;
Leaves skin firmer and more toned;
Pleasant texture and easy absorption;
84% natural ingredients.

Olfactory Family: Spicy Woody

How to use: Apply the body gel once a day, massaging especially into areas such as the thighs and buttocks until completely absorbed.