Máscara Capilar Match Science Reconstrução, 250g
Máscara Capilar Match Science Reconstrução, 250g
Máscara Capilar Match Science Reconstrução, 250g

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Máscara Capilar Match Science Reconstrução, 250g

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Match Science Reconstruction Hair Mask 250g
The Match Science Reconstruction Mask directs the active ingredients to the damage site, strengthening the hair fibre and reducing the roughness of the hair. Its immediate performance reverses the deepest damage on the first use, bringing science in the formula, in the treatment and in the result.

As part of the reconstruction stage of your hair schedule. The combined use of the line provides several benefits:

-Stronger strands on 1st use;

-Directs actives to the site of damage;

-Strengthens the hair fibre and reduces the roughness of the hair;

-Extremely silky and soft hair immediately.

With Intelligent Peptides and Amaranth Oil, the line acts by rebuilding the hair in all layers, restoring the hair cortex and replenishing the fibre protein, eliminating porosity to provide ultra-hydrated and evenly textured hair.


Match Science is the platform that brings unique formulas, with an intelligent combination of high performance actives to treat extreme damage to the hair.

Match Science Reconstruction is the first line of the Match Science platform. The line is indicated for those who have damaged hair due to the constant use of heat instruments (hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron) and/or chemical products, providing solutions for each type of hair damage. Results in the first application, scientifically proven.

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