Ybera Paris Genome Maintenance Moisturizing Mask 200g


Ybera Paris Genome Maintenance Moisturizing Mask 200g

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Intensive Ortho-reconstructive mask

Genome - Intensive ortho-reconstructive mask. The Ybera Professional research center once again brings you great news. Meet the treatment that pushes the boundaries of perfect results, Genome, the first cortex transfusion service. In addition to the pro-gene complex (spirulina, alpha-keratin and vecorexin), the intensive orthoreconstructive mask also contains glutamic acid (which acts on the damaged parts of the hair), lactic acid (which has filling properties) and glucquat, which retains water in the hair, thus completely transfusing the cortex.

How to use: After applying and rinsing with the Maintenance Shampoo, apply the Intensive Reconstructive Ortho Mask strand by strand, leave to act for 20 minutes using a styrofoam cap, then rinse.

Indication: Restore the hair's DNA through a cortex transfusion.

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