Botik Glycolic Acid Night Reset Face Mask 40g

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Botik Glycolic Acid Night Reset Face Mask 40g

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Botik Glycolic Acid Night Reset Face Mask 40g
The Botik Glycolic Acid Night Reset Facial Mask is perfect for complementing your skincare routine. It has a formula made up of high-performance active ingredients such as Glycolic Acid and Swiss Technology that accelerate cell renewal and provide various benefits for your skin while you sleep:

- Prolonged effect on 3 dimensions of ageing:
- Reduces fine lines from 28 days;
- Uniforms texture;
- Restores radiance;

The results of the mask with Glycolic Acid are visible from the 1st application*.

In addition, the face mask has a transparent, ultra-light gel texture that doesn't weigh down the skin and absorbs quickly, making facial care even more relaxing. It is oil-free and moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling.

Wake up looking rested from a good night's sleep and radiant even on those days when you've had few hours of sleep. Feel your skin lush and full of life!


Performs a light chemical exfoliation, i.e. it removes dead cells from the surface and accelerates cell renewal, reducing expression lines, smoothing skin texture and restoring natural radiance. Glycolic acid also stimulates the formation of collagen, which is the protein responsible for making the skin look more elastic and resistant.


All the products in the Botik range combine Swiss technology with high-performance active ingredients to maximize effective and visible results for your skin. The secret lies in the use of technology patented by a Swiss laboratory, which reproduces the Coenochloris Signiensis algae in bioreactors. This algae has a powerful effect on the skin, with proven efficacy in increasing skin hydration, reducing the depth of wrinkles and improving the skin barrier.