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SOS Bomba Mask 500g

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Product description
The S.O.S Bomba Original Salon Line moisturizing mask is suitable for all hair types, i.e. it is effective for those with 1ABC, 2ABC, 3ABC and 4ABC curls.

This product not only treats the hair fiber - restoring all the necessary nutrients - but also helps to detangle the hair much more easily. We recommend using the hydration mask once a week, before the conditioner, to maximize the results.

You can also include the hair mask in your hair schedule at the hydration stage or add your favorite oil to turn your hydration into nutrition. In our store, there are several options of hair oils that are perfect for mixing.

Like the other products in the S.O.S Bomba line, the moisturizing mask contains Whey Protein, which is rich in amino acids and helps restore hair fibers damaged by external aggressions. It also contains vitamin A, which strengthens the hair and aids healthy growth, castor oil, which moisturizes, combats hair loss due to breakage, strengthens the hair and helps restore the hair fibre, D-Panthenol, which moisturizes the hair and, finally, biotin, which helps prevent hair loss.

Beautiful hair is always strong and healthy hair, right? That's why you can buy the bombastic moisturizing mask online right now and rock your big hair project.

Result S.O.S Bomba Original Salon Line moisturizing mask:
Super hydrated hair, deep restoration and detangling.
How to use S.O.S Bomba Original Salon Line moisturizing mask:
After washing your hair with S.O.S Bomba Original Shampoo and Conditioner, remove excess water and apply S.O.S Bomba Original Mask evenly to wet hair. Massage and leave on for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse.

For a bombastic finish, use our S.O.S Bomba Original Salon Line Combing Cream, suitable for wavy, curly and frizzy hair. It reduces breakage, adds shine and moisturizes.

Note: The S.O.S Bomba Original mask does not contain salt.

Product Indication : All Hair Types