Gold Spell Hydration Sleep Effect Mask - 250ml
Gold Spell Hydration Sleep Effect Mask - 250ml
Gold Spell Hydration Sleep Effect Mask - 250ml
Gold Spell Hydration Sleep Effect Mask - 250ml


Gold Spell Hydration Sleep Effect Mask - 250ml

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Finally a respectable post-chemical hydration mask! The Sleep Effect will leave your hair wonderful, frizz-free and with controlled volume.

With the Nap Effect you hydrate, shine and align your hair while controlling volume.


An ultra powerful mask that hydrates the hair and has Anti Volume action. Super effective moisturizing mask that softens hair leaving it super silky, soft and shiny! The Sleep Effect recovers the hair damaged by chemical products, performing a deep hydration, thus ensuring the reduction of volume and capillary alignment.

See below for results after using the Snooze Effect:

Your hair will be extremely hydrated and very shiny, as a result, you will experience the reduction of volume and frizz, with shine and softness that will revitalize the beauty of your hair.
The result of the product may vary according to the state and condition of each hair type.

Understand how it works:


This is not just another common hydration or reconstruction mask, the Sleepy Effect is a post-chemical mask that thickens the hair, gives shine and controls the volume of your hair! The result is amazing! The hair is volume-free (aligned), super silky, with super shine, hydrated and firmer! But how is this possible? The Sleep Effect is a combination of a blend of noble silicones + a blend of essential vitamins that hair loses due to the use of chemical products! The Sleep Effect has no chemicals, so you have much more result in much less time with a lot of security.

For whom is the Sleep Effect indicated?


Suitable for all hair types, especially dry, frizzy and excess volume hair.

If you have made or make progressive hair, you need to use the REM Effect to treat your hair and make your progressive hair last up to 3X longer!

Main benefits that the snooze effect will bring to your hair:


👉🏻 Reduces the volume of the hair.
👉🏻 Anti-frizz effect.
👉🏻 Extreme softness.
👉🏻 Intense shine.
👉🏻 Instant lightness sensation.
👉🏻 Long lasting hydration.

More than a moisturiser! The Sleep Effect reduces volume and controls frizz.


With Efeito Soneca it is now easy to care for your hair at home and prolong the smoothing of progressive brushes up to 3X longer.