Máscara Capilar De Tratamento Skala Expert Amido De Milho 1kg


Máscara Capilar De Tratamento Skala Expert Amido De Milho 1kg

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Believe it or not: moisturising with cornstarch is the trend of the moment! Very present in the gastronomic world, this component has also begun to make its presence felt in recipes, only for hair beauty.

And before you turn up your nose, put your prejudice aside. Many brands have already understood the power of this component and are even taking it into the formulation of various moisturisers and hair masks, with the aim of boosting their effects and guaranteeing results never before seen by the public.

Want to know more? To put an end to your curiosity, find out more about Skala Cream with cornstarch and discover, once and for all, how to make the most of the wonders of this little product!

What is Skala Cream with cornstarch?

Thinking of bringing more practicality to the daily life of the modern woman, Skala Expert, a renowned brand in the cosmetics sector, has developed a powerful moisturiser with cornstarch.

In a 1kg pot, the product has been formulated for application with every wash, offering repairing, strengthening and excellent shine to the hair.

In addition to being a treatment mask, this option has a 2-in-1 function and can be used as a styling cream, making it even more functional and efficient in the routine of people who don't have time to waste.

The composition of the product:

Skala Cream with cornstarch is 100 per cent free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, petrolatums and any other component that could harm your health or the appearance of your locks.

And that's not all. As a brand that loves nature, this is also a vegan formula. In other words, it doesn't contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Among the compounds that are responsible for guaranteeing that marvellous effect for the hair, it's worth highlighting the following:

-Corn starch: great for promoting strength and ensuring a special glow to dull hair. When you apply the product, you'll notice an immediate reconstruction of the hair fibres;
-Coconut oil: manages to promote softness, deep moisturisation and makes combing incredibly easy;
-Shea Butter: an essential element to keep hair healthy for longer;
-D-Panthenol: the strength and hydration your hair so deserves!

Moisturising with cornstarch:

There's no mystery! Once you've bought your product, simply leave your hair clean and damp. Then apply Skala Cream with cornstarch from the lengths to the ends of your hair. It's important to massage the area gently, always making movements "from top to bottom".

Keep the product on your hair so that the components penetrate the hair structure and promote the desired effect. You can then rinse it off under running water and dry your hair using a soft towel or a hairdryer. It looks great!