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Malbec Noir Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Malbec Noir Deodorant Cologne 100ml
The night is fascinating and is many people's favorite part of the day. Malbec Noir Deodorant Cologne was inspired by the nocturnal ritual of harvesting Pinot Noir grapes.

This woody, spicy fragrance is striking and irresistible and is designed for the modern man who wants a long-lasting scent. It combines the seduction and mystery of nightlife, leaving an intriguing masculine trail that seduces and conquers.

From a dinner party to a night out, if you want to add that seductive touch, bet on Malbec Noir Deodorant Cologne and conquer everything you want.

For an even more striking scent, this product has line extensions such as Malbec Noir Deodorant Body Spray and Malbec Noir Antiperspirant Aerosol Deodorant.