Love Lub - Ice Lubricant - 60g


Love Lub - Ice Lubricant - 60g

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The intimate lubricant is indicated to reduce friction during penetration, it provides more comfort and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Love Lub is water-based and does not harm condom latex.

Its effects are similar to female lubrication, but with more intensity. Colorless and odorless, they help make intercourse comfortable.

Available in two versions:

- ICE: Stimulates with refreshing sensations felt only in the mucous membrane area.

- HOT: Gives a warming effect only in the mucous membrane area, helping to sensitize the intimate area and increasing the sensation of pleasure.

Try it and discover your favorite sensation!


Contains: 60g

Length: 3cm

Height: 12cm

Width: 5cm

Weight: 70g

Apply a small amount of the product to the vagina or glans penis 3 minutes before penetration.