Dynamic Hair Tonic -  60ml


Dynamic Hair Tonic - 60ml

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Lowell Dynamic

Tonic for all hair types, especially those with hair loss or difficulty growing. Lowell Dynamic Tonic nourishes the roots and stimulates strong hair growth.

Lowell Dynamic Tonic acts on the scalp so that hair grows with more strength and resistance, as well as helping to reduce hair loss. Its active ingredients also prevent irritation, flaking and dandruff.

How to use
Application Tip

Shake before use. After washing and conditioning the hair, remove excess water and apply the tonic to the entire length of the scalp. Massage with fingertips. Do not rinse. Leave to dry naturally or wait 10 minutes before blow-drying.

The tonic only works on the scalp. So if you need to protect or detangle your hair, use a leave-in specifically for your hair type.