Lola Meu Cacho Minha Vida | Moisturizing Mask 450g

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Meu Cacho Minha Vida - Moisturizing Mask 450g

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For the curly-haired blondes on duty!

Lola's Meu Cacho, Minha Vida Moisturizing Mask prevents dry hair, even in low humidity conditions. It improves hair manageability and reduces fly-aways.
The moisturizing effect of patauá oil detangles and rebuilds damaged hair. The plant extracts of seaweed and aloe vera balance and intensely restore.

Suitable for:
Frizzy and curly hair

Why will you love it?
- Super detangling
- Emollience
- Curl definition
- Combability
- Seals cuticles
- Healthy growth
- Released for no poo
- Shine
- Gluten-free
- Sulphate-free
- Phthalate-free
- Paraffin free
- Silicone Free
- No Animal Derivatives
- Paraben-free
- No Salt
- No Mineral Oil

#Application instructions:
Put a small amount in your hands and distribute evenly over the lengths and ends of your hair. Massage and leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse.

Finish as desired using the Combing Cream and Jelly Gel from the Meu Cacho, Minha Vida line.

Your curls much more defined!

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