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Nativa SPA Karité Ultra Moisturizing Body Deodorant Lotion 400ml

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Nativa SPA Karité Ultra Moisturizing Body Deodorant Lotion 400ml
The Ultra-Moisturizing Body Deodorant Nativa SPA Karité Lotion has Karité Butter as its main ingredient, which provides deep hydration and reduces skin dryness from the first use. Perfect for those who want hydrated and deodorized skin to face their daily lives with attitude and confidence.

Karité Butter is the main ingredient in this lotion and avoids waste as it is super emollient, easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Purified Quinoa drops enhance hydration, increase collagen production and prevent loss of skin elasticity.

With a Floral Gourmand fragrance, the Ultra-Hydrating Body Deodorant is sophisticated and cozy. It has fragrance microcapsules, which break down throughout the day, bringing moments of surprise that reveal the long-lasting perfume on the skin.

This product has two size options to maintain your care routine. 400m packaging that you can keep at home and 200ml so you can take it in your toiletry bag, on trips or to the gym. This product has a refill, that is, it is an economical and sustainable way to replace the product.

All of this in the same formula specially developed by Nativa SPA to hydrate, deodorize the body and leave your skin full of life.