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Cuide-Se Bem Deleite Body Moisturizer, 400 ml

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Cuide-se Bem invites you to get to know a launch that's so cute: moisturizing with an addictive scent. It's impossible not to take care of yourself! A sweet and enveloping fragrance, combined with the creamy texture of milk, envelops the skin in a cozy embrace while intensely moisturizing.

Cuide-se Bem Deleite Moisturizing Deodorant Body Lotion provides daily hydration for up to 48 hours and just the right amount of fragrance, with a gourmand scent. With a texture that absorbs quickly, the moisturizing lotion is ideal for use all over the body, including feet and hands, without leaving the skin sticky.

Sustainability secrets: Its packaging is made from vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane. This means that for every kilo of plastic used to make the packaging, we avoid emitting 4 kg of greenhouse gases. It is also manufactured using a 100% cold process, which means less energy is consumed and the environmental impact is reduced.

Contains: 400ml.