Liz Sublime EAU De Toilette - 100ml
Liz Sublime EAU De Toilette - 100ml
Liz Sublime EAU De Toilette - 100ml
Liz Sublime EAU De Toilette - 100ml

O Boticário

Liz Sublime EAU De Toilette - 100ml

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O Boticario knows that every woman is made of layers of experience that, year after year, add beauty, shine and strength. And that is what makes you feel sublime!

The new feminine fragrance from the Fruity Woody olfactory family is exalted with lightness, joy and brightness. The enveloping scent brings fruity notes, with Liz's exclusive signature, based on Laire Iris Noble: a secret formula whose oil takes years to reach its best fragrance.

Just like the Original, Liz Sublime women's perfume has a bright citrus nuance, but gains a new Fruity nuance velvety by the peach cream facet, which brings more sweetness and creaminess to the fragrance.

Olfactory Family
Fruity Woody

Olfactory Pyramid
Exit: Bergamot, Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Sage, Cardamom
Body: Mimosa, Noble Iris DL, Jasmine, Neroli, Muguet
Bottom: Peach Cream, Saxe Mousse DL, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musks

*The olfactory pyramid is merely illustrative and its purpose is to describe the olfactory notes using references, memories and sensations that the fragrance provides.

How to use: Apply on the body as desired. To increase the duration of the fragrance, apply behind the ear, on the neck or on the wrist.