Liquid Vegetal Keratin Revolution Arvensis - 120ml


Liquid Vegetal Keratin Revolution Arvensis - 120ml

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The Revolution Arvensis line of finishers is the most modern and technological multifunctional treatment that meets the specific needs of each hair type.

The wear and tear caused by chemical and physical processes and external elements causes degradation of the hair fibre and loss of mass, leaving the scales open and compromising the health of the hair.

Revolution Arvensis Liquid Keratin was developed using a matrix of plant nutrients that attach themselves to the hair fibre, gradually releasing their active ingredients only into the damaged parts, reconstructing and cauterising without causing "hardening". It seals the cuticles, restoring flexibility and giving intense shine. (120 mL)

- INDICATION: All hair types.

- FUNCTION: Cauterisation and nutrient replenishment.

- RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Reconstructed, more flexible strands with restored shine.