Sabonete Líquido Acetinado Lily, 250ml

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Sabonete Líquido Acetinado Lily, 250ml

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Lily Satinated Liquid Soap transforms bath time into a sophisticated ritual with the sophisticated fragrance of Lily Tradicional, delivering high fragrance to the skin while cleansing.

With a differentiated texture, this Lily liquid soap brings a luxurious sensorial experience with:

-Creamy lather;

-Satin touch;

Soft, non-drying cleaning.

-Perfumed skin

The result is a unique moment of self-care with the much-loved Lily fragrance.


Lily O Boticario understands that your scent is part of who you are. That is why it presents Lily Acetinados, your favorite fragrance in new products with fascinating textures, to make your moment of care even more pleasurable and leave your skin feeling satiny and fragrant in any occasion.

No product of O Boticario is tested on animals, which means that this item is Cruelty Free.