LipoMax  30 Caps
LipoMax  30 Caps
LipoMax  30 Caps
LipoMax  30 Caps
LipoMax  30 Caps
LipoMax  30 Caps


LipoMax 30 Caps

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10X FASTER LipoMax pro one

Developed especially for more resistant organisms, LIPO MAX has components that inhibit appetite by up to 100 per cent, the only one capable of promoting intense fat burning 24 hours a day, accelerating weight loss.

Destroyer of the most difficult fats to eliminate. No more retention!

Indications: Suitable for weight loss and dietary re-education. The composition works by reducing appetite, speeding up metabolism and eliminating fluid retention. Its combination of herbs has a diuretic action, promotes satiety and controls anxiety and binge eating, thus encouraging people to eat in moderation.

Composition: Morosil, Spirulina, Fucus, Sene, Horsetail, Tojo, Gelatine, Psyllium, Cascara Sagrada.

10x + Decreased appetite and feeling of satiety.
10x + Increased energy and disposition.
10x + Reduces fluid retention.
10x + Improves anxiety
10x + Combats cellulite
10x + Reduces cravings for carbohydrates and sweets.

Take one capsule a day at 9am after breakfast, do not take with alcoholic drinks, drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Exercise and/or a healthier diet will enhance the results.

- Lactating / Pregnant women
- Children under 15
- People with chronic diseases
- People being treated with antibiotics
- Elderly over 70
- Cardiac patients

- Exclusive product
- Original slimming product

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